LKISShops: British Adventures in Accessories, Part 2


Sooooooo, you checked out my post on where I spotted tons of fabulous accessories in England (if you didn’t, you best read up on my British Adventures in Accessories, Part 1!)…but now it is time for the “what.”

I spent a good deal of time deciding on what peices to buy for yours truly and here is what I managed to snap up!

One of my favourite things to do when I travel is buy something unusual; something that I could never find back home. Well, when I spotted this tibetan necklace on Portobello Road, I had to have it.

I also visited my awesome cousin in a town called Macclesfeild just outside of Manchester and she took me to see all the cute shops in town…

Well, my Macclesfield finds were from a store with tons of fab pieces and I fell first for this giant heart necklace (I have worn it incessantly since)…

And then, this wacky heart ring/bracelet piece that I just couldn’t resist!

My British costume jewellery binge continued (obviously) at TopShop, where I bought this huge, drape-y, Gatsby-esque piece.

And, when it came time for Halloween in London, needless to say, I had occasion to wear it!

My final accessory find on my trip to the UK was spotted at River Island.

This store is kind of like a more reasonable TopShop and has oodles of fun accessories.

I fell for this over-blinged backpack in beige.

So, accessories stalking was definitely successful across the pond!

Who knows where my travels will take me hunting next…



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