LKISObsession: American Horror Story Coven and Amazing Witchy Style, Part 2


Yesterday, I chatted all about my love for American Horror Story Coven and its epic style (read it all on Virgin Radio or Here) which airs every Wednesday on FX. And, I love Thursday almost as much as Wednesday, because I wake up and see that American Horror Story Coven is ready for download from iTunes! This show is definitely my current fave.

So, today I am taking you through my favourite accessories to get into this fashion and style with “witch” (get it) I am utterly obsessed.

 Besides a great black dress and darker than usual makeup, any glamour-witch needs fabulous accessories. How do I know this? Well, it all started with Myrtle’s wicked red gloves that positively stole the show in episode 5.

Her amazing handwear was done by Gaspar Gloves, a company out of LA and made me realize that gorgeous gloves are a must.

This is the perfect place for added wittiness and I adore this metallic accented pair from DVF.

And, if you are going to do gloves (which I highly recommend), long, leather and Lanvin definitely says, “I can levitate things with my mind.”

Next stylish witch-must-have is a signature bag…otherwise how are you supposed to carry around eye of newt?

Check out this purse that comes complete with spiked shoulder cover from Lya Lya:

I also think this Ouija board clutch from is utterly adorable.

Next up is witch-inspired jewellery and I think a Dean Harris crystal amulet is an impeccable piece.

 For the man behind the witch, grab these Charlotte Olympia spiderweb cufflinks.

Finally, Coven-worthy shoes are a must and I think the Chanel chain booties are stunningly witchy.

Jeffrey Campbell has a bunch of fabulous footwear that is stylish and dark. These spiked platforms are mind-bendingly appropriate.

And, these knee-high lace-ups add a ton of dark edge…a witch wouldn’t have to watch her back in these.

Finally, on the show, hats have cropped up a bunch of times. We aren’t talking pointy hats, Halloween-style. Nooooooooo. We are talking completely style-driven head-toppers in (obviously) black.

The update on the witch hat is any shape except pointy really, like this wool one from H&M.

A bigger statement can be made with this headwear from Eric Javits.

American Horror Story Coven is sometimes pretty scary, but has proven to be always stylish, giving the term witch a whole new fashionable association. So, while I probably won’t get my hands on Myrtle’s gloves, I am definitely channelling my inner Coven girl.

I may not be a witch, but at least I can dress like one.



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