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It’s Wednesday and I am officially obsessed with Coven. American Horror Story is this wacky, campy (and sometimes pretty scary) anthology on FX and Coven is its third season. Every season has a different scary storyline and this time it’s all about witches.

The cool thing about these spiritual powerhouses? They are all suuuuuper well-dressed. Inspired by the Coven-esque style, I have been exploring what it takes to dress like a glamorous witch. Today I am chatting fashion and beauty and tomorrow on, I am getting into Coven accessories…and there are some amazing ones!

I mean obviously the Coven girls are just getting started on honing thier powers, but what they lack in witchiness, they make up for in fabulous wardrobe. Designer frocks, covetworthy shoes….all part of being a potential occult leader.

The basic and obvious tenet of thier wardrobe is the quintessential black. Subtle, but sexy is the name of the Coven fashion game.

My favourite way to channel this vibe is with sheer layers or inserts in a perfectly feminine dress.

Like this one from

Velvet mixed with lace is another witchy-wonder:

Or layers of tulle, like this dress from

There is something amazingly ironic about a witch in a sweetheart neckline:

Another witchy essential is the cape, which is the ideal combo of being edgy, sexy, powerful and feminine… I think this take on the blazer from BCBG totally modernizes the notion of a cape:

I also freak for this cape-dress (the best of both witchy-worlds) from

Finally, what could be more perfectly Coven-esque than designs (pretty much any of them!) from Alexander McQueen. This capelet coat with die-cut detailing is to-die-for.

As for beauty, the most important aspect of going dark is definitely the smoky eye and I love this Photo Op Eye Shadow Palette in Smokebox II from Smashbox:

I also think that NYX is a great reasonably priced alternative and with a name like Wicked Dreams, this palette is totally Coven-worthy:

If you really want to go extreme, try some of the super-spooky lipstick from Lime Crime. You can go all out and try black!

Or try metallic green…and with name like Serpentina….it’s soooooo perfect.

Finally, opt for dark nails.

I know, I know, the obvious choice is black, but these are cutting edge stylestar witches, so we need an update. Try for black with a hint of texture or shimmer like Belugaria from Essie:

Or, I love the shimmery holographic vibe from this Ciate shade:

Now, if only I could move things with my mind, getting dressed like a stylish witch would take on a whole new meaning.




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