LKISShops: My Top 5 Tips for Cyber Monday


It’s Cyber Monday!

That means its time to hit the net and shop (from the comfort of your couch and PJs!).

Here are my top tips for taking advantage of all the cyber deals that are floating around today.

1. Err on the big side:

If there are aren’t a ton of size choices, I would always grab the bigger one. That way if the item is in fact too big, once you have received your goods, you can always head over to the tailor to make any modifications.

2. Buy the classics:

Discounts are always a bonus, but a discount on that classic/always-in-style/designer bag that you couldn’t find on sale ANYWHERE is the true steal. AND ps: Shoes and bags are a pretty safe bet for online shopping.

3. Returnable:

Unless you are really certain about the brand’s fit and sizing, don’t opt for items that cannot be returned. Which brings me to my next point…

4. Buy the basics:

Know that Banana Republic T-Shirts always fit perfectly? Have a pair of tights that you wear all the time (and are constantly needing to replace)? Today is your day to stock up on basic items you will always need…added bonus? It’s shlepp-free: all delivered to your door.

5. Big tickets:

Cyber Monday is definitely the day to grab that one big ticket item that was just a bit outta’ reach at full price.

Alright fashion people- where are you shopping this Cyber Monday? Where will you put these tips to good use? I wanna’ know!

Want a sneak peak at where I am shopping today?

Happy Cyber Monday!




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