LKISObsession: On Virgin Radio, Chasing Unicorns


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My latest obsession? Unicorns.

Maybe it’s because I watched the movie Legend a bazillion times as a kid (Tom Cruise hilariousness).

Or, maybe it was my love for Moondancer, the unicorn My Little Pony that I adored (that one is for you Momma).

But any way you slice it, I have recently become fashion-preoccupied with the animal and so I have been noticing that I (thank goodness) am not alone in my adoration for the fictional horned horse.

It started with this purse that I am so crazy about from I mean if I can’t have a unicorn for real, what is better than a holographic unicorn clutch?!

Then I came across the unicorn Dita’s from Jeffrey Campbell…They are like a cross between a nursery and a rave…and all good by me.

Oh, and did I mention these cray-cray boots that basically have you walking on unicorn horns?!

 Then I stumbled on these fun pieces from New York Couture that also lovingly feature the magical animal.

And speaking of jewelry, I want these connected rings from pretttttttty badly.

Finally, could you just freak for these salt and pepper shakers? I totally could and did.

I know, I know, unicorns don’t exist. But I think the whole fun of them is believing in a little magic like we used to do when we were kids…Oh, and then translating that magic into wicked-awesome fashion-y stuff!



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