LKISObsessions: On Virgin Radio, Winter Daydreams of Kat Maconie Shoes


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I fell in my obsessive state for Kat Maconie when I was in England a year ago (you can read about how it all began here:

And, since then, I have been watching (stalking?) this amazing footwear brand and coveting every pair I come across.

In February, I find myself getting obsessed with colourful and fun shoes as the snow seems to come down relentlessly. There is nothing better for shoe companies than me living in Montreal winter.

A unqiue silhouette gives these shoes a great original feel.

These white ones, complete with gold accents and studded ankle straps, are screaming: Go on vacation, wear me, get a tan, be tall, be fabulous!

This shoe line was started by its namesake with no real formal training in shoe making and look at how far it has come…OMG, can you tell that I am obsessed?

So, yes, at the moment it is all UGGs all the time, and flat shoe ickiness to navigate through the fluffy white (sometimes not so white) snow and sludgy slush, but a girl can daydream.

I am telling you, shoe obsessions are the only way to make it through February!



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