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I have been fascinated with this whole hair colour thing for a while now (It started a while back: and my fascination was then stoked by all the colour I spotted in LA: )

Well, while I have been interested/preoccupied…I never had the guts to actually go and get it done. Enter L’Oréal Professionnel with Hair Chalk. OMG.

This is the answer.

I was invited to check out this new product on Monday and it did notdisappoint. An array of vibrant colours that are only temporary (5 shampoos to be exact) and that don’t transfer…in other words you can go to the gym, sing in the rain or whatever, and not risk a streak oftie-dyed loveliness down your outfit.

This temporary colour shows up on dark and light hair alike and will last a bit longer on those of us with already dyed hair (yes, that might be me…).

I loved all these looks that they showed us that were so creative. It seems like the options are infinite with this in-salon OR at-home-use product!

After the presentation, we were invited to get our nails done (love that the colours they offered were the same as the colours we could put in our hair!).

Or nibble on some delicious (and obviously colourful!) candy.

I stood by and contemplated whether or not I would have the guts to actually do the dying-deed.

I finally mustered up the courage and sat in the chair after I had a few questions answered:

1. Could this colour last indefinitely (i.e.: would I end up with a colour streak at my business meeting next week?)? Answer: No chance.

2. How does it look as it washes out? Answer: It gets paler and paler until it is gone after approximately 5 washes. Can you say: “pastel awesomeness”?!

3. Would it come off on my clothes or sheets? Answer: No chance.

The result was a cool bluish green streak…I liked it so much that I asked for a second one!

 Thanks to the fabulous Dominick at Orbite Salon and to L’Oréal Professionnel for giving a hair-colour-chicken like me an option for some majorly colourific, but utterly temporary, options.

This product is going to be available in April and I am thinking purple next!



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