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Every year, I definitely learn a few things at fashion week.

Whether it be new and interesting approaches to style, tips on the industry or lessons in life, there is always something new and interesting to take in during this marathon of fashion and parade of personal style.

So here are my lessons learned at this World Mastercard Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014:

1. Sometimes being black or white on things is the way to go (especially if you are the gorgeous Toronto socialite, Ainsley Kerr):

2. Go where the wild things are (like blogettes Leesa Butler in her fab fuzzy footwear and Noelly Sam in her man-eating millenary).

3. Embrace your circumstances (loved this Spring-inspired flower headpiece despite the negative numbered temperatures).

4. Make sure to listen actively (especially if you are wearing the most awesome ear-adornment EVER).

 5. Be fresh (like model Stacey Mckenzie, who rocked lime green and bright orange fur accessories like nobody’s business).

6. Fabulousness begets fabulousness (just take a look at front row-made-friends the Beckerman Twins, Elisha Cuthbert and Jeanne Beker).

7. Always show your support (tooting a big old horn at your friends fashion show would definitely be a good example of this).

8. Be grateful (not too hard when you get oodles of great shwag from Maybelline, NeoStrata and Redken).

9. Fashion is always better with friends (And, I can totally vouch for that when I get to sit front row with one of my absolute faves, Biko Beauttah).

Well, the week is over but the best thing about fashion week is there is always another one just around the corner!

See you next season,



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