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Last night was the opening of World Mastercard Fashion Week and I was there to take it all in. After a train ride and getting settled in to my TO digs, I headed over to the tents. It was great to see everyone again, but mostly it was really fabulous to see Canadian fashion stepping it up.

Here is my take on the shows:

(All photography courtesy of Paul Ross, Opique Photography– Thanks Paul!)


This was definitely urban-inspired and had tons of black, layered in all different materials. I loved the floaty sheer cropped-in-front-but-long-in-back pieces worn over pants, that added an element of sophistication to a pretty hard-edged show.


There is always something very medieval about Beaufille (or its past iteration as Chloé comme Parris). Again, we saw urban inspiration – (backwards hats, tunics over leggings) but the historical touch gave it more depth somehow. I loved the printed outfits- head-to-toe- and the metallic detailing.

Line Knitwear

Think fuzzy. Think rolling around on a white furry rug by a fire sipping champagne cocktails and trying to tie cherry stems in a knot with your tongue. This show was completely girly, cozy, sexy and light. Short shorts, off-the-shoulder circle scarves and colours that would make any girl swoon, made this show fresh, feminine and fun.

Sid Neigum

As the show began I thought I was in for another season of being obsessed with the designer. While there were several looks I ADORED, I have to say the rust and coral coloured segment of the show was not for me. I really enjoyed the ribbed structured pieces in black and white and loved the liquid metallic silhouettes.

All right, that’s it!

One day down, four to go!



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