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Day 3 of World Mastercard Fashion Week was a big day. Major names and up-and-comers in Canadian fashion all graced the runway.

The most obvious theme on this day was wearability- there was nothing that would blow the doors off, but there really was something for everybody.

Here is my take on the shows on Day 3:

(All photos courtesy of Paul Ross, Opique Photography)

Christopher Bates 

Christopher Bates has officially graduated to the big leagues and you don’t have to take Fashion Week’s word for it: This designer (and personal friend) has been garnering a lot of attention. Construction, silhouette and taste levels were high at the menswear show…and I positively loved the leather jacket (Make one for girls, Chris? Please?).


I worked retail a whole bunch a million years ago and I clearly remember merchandising this line! And so seeing GSUS Industries on the runway was a fun throwback to my retail days. Alpine-inspired prints and great fitted blazers were highlights of the show.

  Pink Tartan 

Quintessential femininity is synonymous with Pink Tartan and this season was noexception. Dramatic fur accents, full leather skirts and spectacular shoes (they were loved by a fellow-show-goer) gave it an edge (albeit still completely sellable) that I appreciated.

Joe Fresh 

This show seemed to lack the fun that normally emanates from this powerhouse retailer. The fresh faces were at times somber and the aesthetics seemed to follow suite. Pops of orange did add some energy and pretty prints will no doubt translate to sales, but I missed the quirky wink-wink I have come to expect from Joe Fresh.


This collection truly captured the essence of Fall. Crop-tops, Tartan plaid and quilted leather all made for fabulous fashion fodder. My favourite were the down pants…coulda’ used those this winter!

Day 4 and Day 5 will be ready for your perusal next week!

As for me, it’s almost time to get ready for the last day!!

See you on the runway,



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