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The Oscars are never my favourite in terms of fashion because for the most part there is not much in the way of risk taken. The real downfall is that most of the risk takers end up being gawd-awful and making me want to cry true fashion tears. And, it is inevitable…it always happens.

So, after drying my tears, here is my round up of my absolute least loved gowns from this year’s Academy Awards (and tomorrow my fashion faves on

First up: This blood red lace-travesty-dress on Ireland Baldwin.

Penelope Cruz’s overstyled gown was more toga party than red carpet.

Dear Anne Hathaway: Didn’t you get the memo last year when you were on EVERYONE’s worst dressed list?? This is the same dress just in a different colour.

I can’t explain how important I feel a bra is, Liza Minelli. That’s all.

Julie Delphy (who I happen to think is totally beautiful) looked a little too all-one-colour, not to mention it is a shape that did nothing to complement her figure.

Julia? Really? When did she buy a one-way ticket to Frumpyville?

Portia de Rossi also disappointed in this dress that looks frighteningly like a quite literal interpretation of my late grandmother’s doily collection.

Lady Gaga with a look that was just too severe. She needed to lose the scarf and let the hair loose to balance the super-structured gown.

Anna Kendrick’s dress was just too darn busy…like a dress made out of many other dresses (a fashion version of the coat of many colours?).

Don’t get me wrong, I liked a lot of dresses too (and if you want to know which ones I loved check out tomorrow!) but I just wish that fashion risk on the red carpet didn’t so often result in utter fashion faux-pas.



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