LKISObsession: On Virgin Radio, Designer Dog Accessories



And, right here for ya:


Fashion accessories are my favourite, but enter a new obsession…my dog…oh, and dog accessories.

It started with my mother falling madly in love with a tiny toy yorkie named Bailey. Shortly thereafter he was coming home and was to enjoy shared custody between me and mom (how modern family of us).

And, what happens when you fall in love (and I do mean actual adoration) with your puppy? As a stylish person, you end up wanting to buy stylish things for your dog.

Now check out my first total awesome accessory that was given to me by Sir Barkley, a custom dog bed company:

I got to pick the colours and fabric and have his name embroidered on the bed. Needless to say my little prince was looking mighty satisfied with his new digs.

That got me to thinking: What other over-the-top dog stuff is there for my pup? And where could one find it (only theoretically of course!)…

First stop dog bowls: What about a Bottega Veneta woven dog bowl?

 Or for the interior design minded, a wooden block-based dual dog bowl.

I freaked for this totally ridiculous Swarovski covered dog bath from

While a pink bath might be (ahem) too over the top for my male dog…I am not going to lie, he is definitely sporting a Swarovski covered collar as we speak.

I know, I know.

And, while this isn’t in the cards for me (at all), designer dog carriers are also a dime a dozen (that expression should probably be a few billion dimes a dozen, in this case).

 So, I can officially say, I am on the puppy-crazed bandwagon. Is it because I love accessories? I imagine that has something to do with it, but mostly, I love my dog.



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