LKISShops: Big in Japan, Part 2, Beyond Omotesando


Yesterday, on Virgin Radio I posted my first (probably of many) post about my trip to Japan and the style and fashion I saw in Harujuku.

Well, today it is time for part 2, beyond Omotesando. While it is a high street right next to Harujuku (it is an area that runs parallel to the hokier Harujuku), just beyond Omotesando in the opposite direction of Harujuku is totally different.

I wandered out of Harujuku and into this ‘hood with M&M. The actual street had all kinds of international recognizable brands. But I had no idea that just beyond Omotesando I would find a goldmine of super-high end boutiques that carried unique and sometimes wonderfully weird pieces.

My favourite of these was Wut Berlin.

This store had me at fashion-hello.

This retail spot was brimming with local Japanese and international designs, edgy outfits and unbelievable accessories.

The jewellery at Wut is what (haha) truly caught my attention. Check out these nutty statement necklaces:

These shell pieces were totally breathtaking:

And, this chunky bracelet was as heavy as it looks:

Another boutique I stumbled upon was Idea, where I contemplated this sweatshirt for a while (it was waaaaaaaaaaaay beyond my budget though!).

Also at Idea were these fabulous butterfly shoes which had this butterfly-lover totally freaking out (too bad they didn’t have my size!):

There was also plenty of high-end vintage shops in this neighbourhood that had oodles of fabulous finds.

This area was so interesting that I actually went twice and while the prices were beyond my reach the window shopping was totally worth it.

More on Japan tomorrow!



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