LKISShops: Big in Japan, Part 3, Kyoto Covered Markets


So far I have told you about my exploration of Tokyo during my trip to Japan, but now it is try to tell you all about Kyoto.

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This positively majestic city has a ton to offer fashion and shopping-wise. One aspect that I loved were the covered markets I came across during my shopping expeditions (okay, okay, expedition sounds dramatic but this fascinating spot just begs for that kind of language!).

The first of the two covered areas I checked out was Nishiki in central Kyoto.

Even though it was the middle of a Wednesday, it was still packed with tourists toting cameras, snapping shots of all sorts of packaged pickles, steamed buns, and dried seafood (dried squid is actually pretty good, I swear).

It’s no wonder it is known as “Kyoto’s Kitchen.”

One of the things I love the most about this country is all the colours and I have to say that Nishiki market is no exception. Piles of bright candy packets were totally delightful.

At the end of the market is one of the best Ramen spots I have ever tried.

Turns out Ippudo is a chain (there is even one in NYC), but that didn’t stop me from slurping my brains out (slurping is completely socially acceptable in Japan, by the way). An insanely delicious and reasonable meal post-covered market trekking.

The second area of covered arcades that we hit up were the parallel Shinkiyogoku and Teramachi, which are both filled with kitschy souvenirs, fun fashion boutiques and other specialty shops.

One of the weirdest things that I experienced on my trip was the Japanese fascination with rounded eyes and coloured eyes. In this market, I spotted a store dedicated to changing ones eyes which I couldn’t help but think was kind of sad as I think beauty should be varied…but I digress….

I loved this boutique that had all kinds of prints and silks inspired by the ocean and the Japanese fish culture.

And, I couldn’t get over the bowing bottoms (heehee)- mannequins that were literally mid-bow!

Other awesome stops in this covered market were the tea shops that had infinite combinations and options for a drink that I truly came to appreciate while in Japan. It’s literally impossible not to!

After a day of covered markets it was off to hit the night life in Gion, but not before walking through one last time (thanks for being patient with my need for fashion exploring when travelling M&M :))!

More on Kyoto next week!



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