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Last week, I was in Japan!

A life-long urge to travel to this (now confirmed) magnificent and fascinating country was finally realized (thanks to M&M… that’s a nickname).

Well, to write one blog post about Japanese fashion and shopping and of course my outfits would be impossible (so be sure to head to tomorrow for more on this adventure). The style that oozes out of this crazy cool spot is abundant and so I figured I should start with Harujuku. We have all heard about the Harujuku girls courtesy of Gwen Stefani (“You got wicked style”), but I assure you that this stuff is real, real, real.

We headed for the area and I realized quickly that it was totally packed with people, kitchy details and wild outfits.

Tons of stores had attention-grabbing accessories that almost had a cartoonish feel to them (which makes sense given that the fashion inspired from this district pulls tons of references from Japanese anime).

Monster feet Crocs anyone?

Pink and girly was definitely everywhere and Hello Kitty is almost a mascot at this point.

Tons of bright colours and platform shoes had me stopping almost at every store.

While I saw a lot of Harujuku girls (and boys) with actual dyed hair, there were also a ton of wacky coloured wigs up for sale.

And then came the clothes…I was so into it. The main themes I could see were: Japanese schoolgirl, Little Bo Peep, medieval maiden, goth, and anime warrior.

I even spotted a store manager decked out in Harujuku style- clearly on the Little Bo Peep vibe.

Another store I spotted elevated this style lexicon to almost Vegas showgirl status.

 But the Harujuku area isn’t only about these very extreme fashion choices. Sure, the high-end stuff is definitely across the way, but there were a ton of really cool stores that were way more mainstream. (M&M loved this all-unique sneaker store called Kicks Lab).

I popped into a bunch of the boutiques, but be forewarned, the sizes in Japan are impossibly small. I am usually a medium and I barely fit into anything.

But, of course, I did manage to find something! I just had to snap up a Harujuku dress for yours truly.

 The whole experience blew my little fashion mind and I have to say I feel like in a week I only scratched the surface! Be sure to check out tomorrow for more on my fashion expedition to Japan!



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