LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, Shoe Fetish Spring/Summer ’14 Report


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Last week, on-air I chatted all about the hot shoe trends this spring/summer. Well, I figured I should give you some examples of these footwear trends and a few tips on how to wear them.

1. Ankle-Strap Pumps

What are they? Ankle-strap pumps means a pump with…well…an ankle strap (I am so awesome at describing things, right?!).

Who should wear them? These shoes cut your leg at the ankle, figuratively of course. So, that means that legs will appear shorter and thicker which does not bode well for gals with shorter or thicker legs.

How to wear them? This is the ultimate ladylike shoe. Pop them on with a perfect summer party dress or wear them with boyfriend jeans and a white T for the ultimate rock ‘n roll girly vibe.

2. Mules

What are they? Mules are shoes that you simply slide your foot into.

Who should wear them? These shoes definitely have a weighed-down feel to them. While they don’t cut your leg line, they do attract the eye because of their heaviness. I would avoid them if you are not particularly in love with your ankles.

How? Wearing them with something streamlined and simple can elevate what I think to be a fairly unattractive shoe.

3. Sheer Shoes

What are they? Shoes with sheer paneling made out of plastic or fabric to give that peek-a-boo effect.

Who should wear them? Everyone.

How should you wear them? These shoes are inherently sexy so I would pair them with outfits that stay on the sophisticated side to achieve fashion balance.

4. Summer Boots

What are they? Boots that are heavy enough to still be called boots, but have elements that make them summer-appropriate.

Who should wear them? If you are on the shorter side (like me!) this will not necessarily help your wanting-to-be-six-feet-tall cause.

How should you wear them? I love matching these guys up with the pinnacle of summer for me with a flow-y short floral baby doll dress. Long hemlines can also be cute: A long light skirt with a jean jacket or grab a pair of short jeans shorts, a silk tank and a boxy blazer for a great sexy/relaxed look.

What is your favourite summer shoe trend? How will you wear them? I am just so happy it is starting to feel like warm weather is here…add in shoe talk and this is one happy blogger!



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