LKISObsession: On Virgin Radio, Flowers Underfoot (Um, Literally)


Today on Virgin Radio- I am chatting flowery feet!

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The saying is that April showers bring May flowers and this season, that is what I am all about…on my feet!

While floral patterns are also all the rage, I am flipping for actual flowers on my feet (makes all this icky rain semi-worth it…sorta’).

These sandals may have been last years (they are Dolce & Gabbana) but they are on sale now, for a mere $3450 on Outnet.com…the bars seem kind of fitting given these designers’ most recent news, no?

No stranger to fun twists in her footwear, Charlotte Olympia has also hopped on the botany bandwagon.

And, remember when I said that you can wear Birkenstock-style sandals this season and actually be fashionable (you can read that post here:

Well try them in a floral pattern (like these ones from Givenchy) or with a floral adornment for the ultimate in hippy high-fashion.

These flowery details don’t have to be all about the colour. In fact, these metallic Jimmy Choo’s take this trend to just the right Studio 54 fabulousness.

So, you have heard about flowers in your hair? This is so much cooler, like: Check out my feet, I am that glamorous and feminine that I have flowers decorating them…lose the headbands and forget Coachella.

This is the ultimate in flower power.



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