LKISShops: On Virgin Radio, Big in Japan, Part 4, Kyoto


I have gone through blog post after blog post on my trip to Japan and I could keep going…seriously.

Part 1: We saw the style in Tokyo’s Harujuku .

Part 2: Was all about the cool boutiques just beyond Omotesando. 

Part 3: I went style-hunting in the covered markets in Kyoto.

and today, Part 4, I am chatting about the Gion and the Shijo district in Kyoto.

We started up the mountain in the Gion district to one of Kyoto’s most famous temples, Kiyomizu-Dera.

On our stroll up the windy streets I couldn’t help being wowed by all the kimonos I spotted. Walking around in a kimono is totally common in Kyoto and that was definitely a highlight.

I saw tons of these brightly coloured gorgeous get-ups.

I also spotted fabulous Japanese-inspired platforms (swoon):

The streets of Gion wind up and down and are teeming with tourists.

I loved all the little speciality shops and the amazing traditional Japanese architecture.

We headed for the immense temple (I am the dot on those stairs!):

And, then I was mesmerized by the (sometimes totally cheesy) stores packed with Japanese souvenirs.

I even spotted a Meiko (that is like a Geisha-in-training) heading for her performance:

 Also in Gion, there are Love hotels…those are hotels by the hour, people!

Right across the river from the more traditional Gion are the shopping high streets Shijo and Kawaramachi. I headed into the department store Takashimaya to check out the awesome stationary department (nobody does stationary like stores in this country!).

High-end stores that we have all heard of were everywhere in this area and I was coveting these Furla Candy jelly bags in perfect pastel colours:

There were also a bunch of “brand shops”: Stores with glass cases filled with designer bags and accessories.

And, I even had to stop into a pharmacy just to get a look at all the amazing colours!

Kyoto was a beautiful mix of tradition, fun and romance.

Geishas, karaoke and shabu-shabu were enough to make any girl (and especially this girl) fall for this city.



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