LKISStyle: How I Packed for Nights out in Japan


I often get asked by friends to help them pack. I think it’s mostly because I travel a ton and have mastered the art of squishing my style into one bag for weeks on end.

When I was invited to go to Japan with M&M last month, I panicked- What does one wear out in Japan? How would I manage to look stylish at night without overpacking (given that I knew I would be hopping on and off a Shinkanzen, multiple pieces of luggage was not an option)?

Well, while my day outfits were no big deal (skirts, loose tanks tops, blazer and boots…and leggings in case it was too cold to wear my skirts with bare legs), it was the night-out outfits that had me worried.

What did I decide on for my nights out? Well, surprise surprise, black is the best way to go. Add in a pair of Free People lace up boots:

Then some great statement necklaces:

This one I snapped up at Urban Outfitters.

And this one is from Le Chateau:

And, with that, my black dresses looked different enough:

When packing, unless I am heading to Miami (and even then) I generally try to stick with basic black and have some added touches to dress it up. Trust me, my method just leaves you with more room in your suitcase…think of the shopping girlies…



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