LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, Don’t Hate Me, But Birkenstocks are Back


Today on Virgin Radio, I break the news that Birkenstocks are baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.

Read it there:

Or right here…


I am a hippy at heart. Okay, okay, maybe a designer-bag-toting, makeup-wearing, blown-out-hair kinda’ hippy, but there is some part of me that is just always gonna’ always be about peace, love and rock’n’roll.

Does that mean I own bell-bottoms? Yup. You know what else it means? That this girl is A-OK with the biggest trend in footwear this season: The stylized Birkenstock.

You heard me.

The Birkenstock.

It’s back.

Now, before you get nauseous and tell me to take a hike (or even worse, click away), I must defend this controversial trend. No, it is not the most flattering shoe in the world. And, yet, brands have taken what I think was once the poster-shoe for no style and made it, ahem, stylish.

Check out these hippy-dippy sandals made utterly fashionable:

1. The Studded-stock:

2. The White-Done-Right-stock:

3. The Quarter-Pounder-stock (could also be called the Goth-stock):

4. The Rainbow Bright-stock

5. The Punk Rock-stock:

Are these going to make you look super-sexy? Nope. Are they going to make you feel like strutting? I dare you, but I doubt it. Are they going to invoke your summer of love in the best stylish sense?

You bet your Birkenstocks.



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