LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, What’s in a Head (or a Skull Necklace)


Today on Virgin Radio I chat about these crazy/cool necklaces I got to check out in NYC. Read it there:

Or here:


On a recent jaunt to NYC, I headed into a very exclusive vintage showroom called Paradox with fellow bloggette Cheryl Besner (of Aside from playing in oodles of vintage clothes, we also had the chance to explore some of the cool artist-based work that this showroom is supporting/selling.

Check out these crazy puffy-paint-adorned sunglasses:

But the thing I was most blown away by were these sacred skull necklaces from Judicael that range in price from $4000-$60,000!!!!

Made with precious stones, gems and metals, these skull pendants are super-intricate.

They did have ones that were less than $10,000 that were a little simpler in design, but still just as dark and awesome.

They all have little details like diamonds for the eyes or rubies under the jaw and they are made with rare woods as well.

They are crafted by a tattoo artist in California, and each one had me more fascinated than the next. The added allure to these pieces? A key that comes on each chain can be used to poke into a tiny hole on the bottom of the skulls which releases….a secret compartment!

I thought this was so cool and when the showroom owner demonstrated this, I suddenly understood why these extremely expensive and completely amazing necklaces are so popular with rockstars…



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