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Spring has sprung and that means summer is around the corner and it is time to bust out light coloured shoes, purses and work is no exception.

Some tips for office summer wear: 

1. Keep hemlines reasonable (only a couple of inches above the knee).

2. Shorts are okay so long as they are loose or long.

3. Try to integrate your black winter pieces with bright or pastel colours for a more summery look.

4. Toes are not for the office (I don’t care where you work or how gorgeous your pedicure is).

5. Keep your face makeup light…sweaty, runny foundation is the groooooossest.

For a day at the office last week, I nabbed my trusty nude backpack:

Pink and blue celestial shoes from Jeffrey Campbell:

My new giant pearl necklace (I cringe every time I write that, I swear):

And, put it together with some classic black pants from Pucci, my fave Topshop asymmetrical T (tip on the T: I bought it in a few colours cuz when you find something basic, reasonable and fabulous, that is exactly what you should do) and a silk jacket from MaxMara:

I am soooooo ready for the sun! Aren’t you???



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