LKISObsession: Ashish, Sequins and Sweatpants


Yesterday, wandering through the awesome clothes at Nordstrom, I came across a Coca-Cola sweatshirt that was the perfect combo of glitter and comfy cotton.

This was my discovery of Ashish…an awesome designer who has created a label that is sporty and sparkly and all around fantastic.

He is obsessed with sequins (and so is this girl). Add in some distressed denim and I am completely fawning over these tremendous statement pieces.

He has done and will continue to collaborate with TopShop, but it’s his Ready-to-Wear line that has stolen my heart. The mix of shimmer and sportiness is my favourite kind of fashion oxymoron.

There is just something so chic about this sequin dress which embodies his vibe: All rock ‘n’roll and no showgirl.

But my absolute FAVOURITE pieces are the sequin-covered sweats that are like: “I could work out in this, but I am waaaaay too fabulous.”

I am flipping for this designer. And, while it is totally out of my price range, it would be pretty darn awesome to be decked out in sequins with an elastic waist.



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