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Welcome to Luxury Jones, one of the coolest stores I have come across in Los Angeles, and, well, maybe in general. Specializing in being special, this workshop/retail spot is teeming with all kinds of fabulous finds.

Located on Melrose, this spot literally had me at hello.

This isn’t just a normal store. In the back is a workshop where designer Nicole Dimitras creates these garments and accessories.

Dimitras is actually an Emmy award-winning fashion designer…who admits that she doesn’t have a foot fetish, she has a boot fetish. I can definitely relate.

I had come across Luxury Jones boots before without even really knowing it. On Virgin Radio, a while back, I had mentioned that my favourite boots for summer included their one-of-a-kind cowboy booties that I had discovered on

Well, turns out aside from these incredible wrapped cowboy boots on, they are also selling ridiculously awesome footwear at their retail space.

I was smitten by the fringe-adorned jean shorts, which takes the rampant Coachella-inspired trend to a whole other level.

There were oodles of shimmering sequinned pieces. Reworked and enhanced vintage was everywhere.

Being the accessories-nut that I am, I couldn’t get enough of their eccentric bobbles. And, ps, their prices really range- my girlfriend picked up a quilted denim purse for $40!

Finally check out these sunglasses that were a cross between Elton John and Lady Gaga:

I love when I discover spots on my travels, filled with totally special pieces and looks. Part of the adventure is finding fashion and style that is unique to a location or in this case a store…only issue is my suitcase is never big enough~



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