LKISObsession: On Virgin Radio, My Top 5 Summer-Ready Style Must-Haves


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Or below! Happy Summer!
Hello from the beach!

And, while I am hanging in the sun, I started to think about the must-haves that make hitting the beach a practical and stylish occasion.

Here are my top 5 essential items to be perfectly beach-ready this summer:

1. The Perfect Skin Protector

So, of course if you are going to be out in the sun for a more than a few minutes, sun block is essential. Enter my favourite products from Hawaiian Tropic. Check out my review here:

2. Haircare Heaven

Your skin isn’t the only thing that needs protection! I know we all forget about it, but our hair could use a little luvin’ too! Grab this L’Oreal Professionel product that protects your hair from all those damaging sun rays: SOLAR SUBLIME Mexoryl S.O. UV-Protect Advanced Protection Conditioning Spray.

3. The To-Die-For Beach Bag

A stylish beach bag is a total must-have. The perfect accent to any outfit and a necessity for carting around that great beach read, your oversized sunglasses and sunblock! My ideal beach bag is metallic, because I think those shiny totes are perfectly glamorous for reflecting all that summer sun.

4. Stylin’ Sandals

You know about my obsessions this summer: Gladiators and slides (Birkenstocks or shoes that look like them if you can stomach it). I like something with a little bling and yet completely practical. Check out my sand-ready sandals I have been sporting during my vacay:

5. Faux-Glow Fabulousness

Finally, the key to laying on the shore is faking your baking. My favourite all time self-tanner is St. Tropez Self Bronzing Lotion, which goes on brown so you can see if you left any streaks, gives an awesome golden glow and smells the least offensive of all the self-tanners I have tried.

Alright peeps, now you are ready to hit the beach in style…See you in the sun!

Oh, and the ultimate must-have?

Order me a glass of bubbly, would ya!



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