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Wedding season is officially in full swing. Last week I attended lovely nuptials and I was reminded that weddings in the summer are a whole other style ballgame. Aside from the normal wedding must-dos, in the summer there are some additional tips to make you fashion fabulous.

So, here are my tips for summer style wedding bliss:

1. Wear shoes with room:

Your feet swell when you are in high heels. Well, add in sweltering heat and you need a bit of extra wiggle room for your swollen piggies. Try shoes with straps or open toe or heel so that once your feet do swell, they have somewhere to go.

2. Florals are right on the mark:

I have to say that florals are the perfect summer print for a wedding. Universally flattering, utterly romantic and perfectly appropriate, this print is ideal whether your event is formal or not.

3. Add a splash of colour:

For those of us (ahem, me) who are prone to formal black, there definitely needs to be a splash of colour somewhere in your outfit. I tend to grab dresses with extra details and add colour through a great bag, jazzy shoes or a fun print.

4. Commitment free hair:

What is worse than sweating at a hot wedding? Uh, sweating hairspray. My suggestion for heat-proof wedding hair is something that doesn’t melt (yuck) and something that won’t be ruined by humidity and dancing, like a straight down ‘do with some body.

5. Day to night:

Days are way longer in the summer, so that means most weddings will actually start in daylight. Keep this in mind when applying your makeup and try to create a look that transitions gracefully from day to night.

Also, makeup is another area where you want to avoid the melting problem. Go light on face paint (foundation, concealer) and stick with a powder which will absorb moisture and eliminate sheen.

Ready to hit the dance floor (or the open bar)?

Now, you definitely will be.



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