LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, Animal Instincts, Without the Fur

Today on Virgin Radio I am chatting fur-free animal stuff….

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Animals in fashion is as old as man. I mean you gotta’ figure that the caveman was probably onto something. But if you aren’t into getting your fur on, then you need to incorporate all the upcoming season’s animalia in a different way. I mean runways may have been covered in the ever-controversial fur, but here are a three of my favourite fur-free animal options that are both wild and a bit wacky:

1. Nach:

I came across this Noah’s ark of jewellery on my travels to France this summer. 

They come in all kinds of species, so depending on your love of earth, air, water (or unicorns?), you can sport your favourite.

Rings and necklaces, dragons and jaguars, this is a line that is both fashion and fun and totally fur-free.

2. Animal shredded clothes:

So get this, we read on that a group in Hitachi City, Japan, are “collaborating” with the animals at the Kamine zoo andcreating shredded denim (also called zoo denim) for unique animal-created fashion. Weird trend? Yes. Unique designs? Yes. But I gotta say this is kind of a cool alternative to all the fur-wearing and you will definitely be wearing one of a kind (ps: proceeds are going to a good cause, the WWF and Kamine Zoo). Some folks found it was kind of exploitative, but I think if the animals are having fun ripping up denim and then money is raised for them, it’s a pretty cool project.

What do you think?

Photos Courtesy of Zoo Jeans
3. Animal Print:

While totally obvious, I think this one of the best ways to pay homage to the animal without actually wearing it. I love wearing this print as a basic, mixing it in with other prints or wearing animal accessories. Animal print is definitely on trend for this upcoming season and you can feel guilt-free rocking your grrrrr-iest garbs.

Alright, so I don’t judge, but I definitely like the idea of finding something in fashion for everyone. So, if the fur trend is not for you, I hope you’ll find a way to rock some animalistic approaches to style. 



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