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I was hanging out with one of my besties, and as we left the house to go shopping, I realized that she was filling her pockets with all her stuff: Phone, wallet, lipgloss…Girlfriend, I said, where is your purse? She answered that she freaking hates wearing a purse and so she fills her pockets with gear and hopes her pants stay up. So, I got to thinking: What does a purse-hater do? I mean this girl (I mean me) LOVES bags, but what if you find sporting a purse to be a bag-burden? Are there any solutions out there for the handbag-hater?

Well, turns out there are a bunch of great options (Heidi Rubin, personal trainer extraordinaire, this one’s for you):

1. The designer Fanny Pack

Don’t cringe. The fanny pack is a great bag alternative, with a hands free approach and some existing aesthetics that make them a-okay. I love this ruffle one from Kinies:

And, there is something about a designer fanny-pack, like this one from Gucci, that is deliciously balanced:

2. The Holster

I actually have a holster. They are a great handbag alternative and give any outfit an automatic rock’n roll vibe. Check out these awesome ones from Jungle Tribe Blaster on Etsy, which comes in a torso or thigh version:

And, this holster from RK New York screams band frontman:

3. The Wrist Wallet

If you are going to wear a cuff, why not have it double as a wallet? I think that this beaded bracelet from Television on Etsy is perfectly girly and practical all at once:

4. The Ankle Wallet

If you needed validation from a major fashion house, anyone remember Chanel’s 2008 ankle bag? I love this thing (and think it could double as a wrist wallet, too):

5. (and my personal favourite) The Boot-Bag

Elizabeth Anne has contemplated this dilemma and come up with the ultimate solution. It is footwear with a compartment for your stuff…and it helps that her boots are totally awesome.

So, for all you ladies who need to be free of the bag-burden, these are your perfect solutions to the handbag hassle.



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