LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, Four MORE Fugly Fashion Must-Haves This Fall


Today on Virgin Radio it is time for MORE fugly fashion trends this Fall.

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Last week we chatted all about fugly trends this season: fashion statements that should be ugly but somehow have made their way to top billing on this season’s runways.

Well, I am back to tell you there’s more!

More fugly stuff for everyone!

Here are another four must-have fugly trends this Fall:

1. Designer Running Shoes:

I don’t know about you, but I have made a point of never wearing running shoes unless I am heading to a gym or a running path. This season however is all about bucking the notion that running shoes are just for the, ahem, runners. Just ask Chanel

My tip for wearing the trend: Try pairing them with more streamlined tailored pieces so it remains a fashion statement instead of a workout outfit…And make sure that the pair you chose says “fashion,” otherwise you could end up looking like someone who switched out of their high heels to, gasp, walk to work in their running shoes.

2. Another Muppet Movie, Starring You:

I kind of thought we were done with banana-bonkers fur last winter with Fendi, but alas no. And this season it is all kinds of wacky with pastel colours, shaggy textures and totally muppet-inspired outerwear.

My tip for wearing the trend: Try to toughen it up with harder accessories, denim, leather and darker colours.

3. Annie Hall Called, She Wants Her Pants Back:

Last week we were chatting fugly sweatpants. Well, slouchy trousers are also back with a vengeance. Not particularly flattering, these pants are still all the rage.

My tip for wearing this trend: Rock feminine shoes with height to avoid making your legs looking shorter and your bum looking saggier…how awesome is that?

4. White (boots) After Labour Day:

White after labour day? What?! Well, according to many heavy-weight designers, white shoes after the dreaded labour day is no longer a faux-pas.

My tip for wearing this trend: Move out of Montreal for the winter or only sport indoors. Slush + white = ruined designer shoes.

Effing ugly? Maybe. Utterly stylish? Definitely.



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