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Fashion requires a little, how shall we put it? Imagination? Creative freedom?

Well, whatever you want to call it, this Fall there are three trends that are downright uuuuuuuuugly, but are still huge!

Here are my top three must-have ugly looks this season:

1. Oxfords:

These shoes are utterly unflattering. They cut the look of your leg at the ankle, give you absolutely no height and invoke images of school uniforms…for boys.

My tip for rocking the trend? Pair them with something uber-feminine for balance.

2. The slouchy dropped-crotch jumpsuit:

Slouchy dropped crotch on anyone is not a lovely sight. Did the person wear someone else’s clothes? Do they wear diapers? These are all the lovely thoughts that this silhouette could potentially inspire. PS: I already bought and wore one…

My tip for rocking the trend? Sport high heels so that you don’t look super-duper short-legged, and bring the zipper front down a bit for a touch of décolleté, which will remind on-lookers that you are still female.

3. The sweat pant:

To be honest, I couldn’t be happier about this trend. Being encouraged to wear sweatpants in public is sooooooo fine by me! But, I don’t think I have to warn you that there is nothing hot about sweatpants.

My tip for rocking the trend? Try to grab a pair with some fun details to them (biker knees, leather inserts), try not to pair them with running shoes (makes the look a little too literally athletic) and wear with a slimmer top so you look like you made some effort to get dressed.

Hopefully after reading this you can rest ssured that fugly fashion trends don’t have to actually be man-repelling.



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