LKISStyle: My Big Top Booby Ball Outfit


This past Friday I attended Boobyball– a fabulous event in Toronto to raise money for the fight again breast cancer. Aside from it being a super fun evening (think bean bag toss, clowns, acrobats, and loads of fun giveaways) this not-be-missed soiree was also a great excuse to get dressed up according to this year’s theme: Big Top Booby.

So, here is my take on what I would look like if I ran away to the fashion circus:

My makeup: Loads of black eyeliner to add a little drama and gold lipstick for some sparkle.

A black top hat, complete with glitter-covered rose and metallic mesh.

Kat Maconie platforms for a splash of gold and purple:

And, Tova jewelry for a blast of colourful bling:

The three ring circus was on my fingers with these rings from H&M:

Add in a beaded shift from All Saints, a long blazer from Zara and the essential paten black clutch and here is the complete look:

My best accessory of the night?

A foam red nose and great company:



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