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Gift buying anyone?

I am one of those freaks who loves shopping for holiday presents, but I know a lot of people find it super-daunting.

My solution for shopping for the ladies in your life? Personalize, eliminate sizing (who wants to get an outfit that is too big or too small from someone!), and be dramatic. Lucky for ALL of us, I think that beauty gifts are the ultimate solution. They are packaged adorably for the holidays, have all kinds of kits and sets for every different girl in the world and happen to not break the bank!

Here are my top ten beauty gifts for all the ladies in your life!

1. For the Youtube Beauty Junky:

Sephora Color Festival Blockbuster Palette, $59

This palette is insane and has so many colour combos, youryoutuber will be how-to-ing into the new year.

 2. For the Manicured Maven:

CiatéMini Mani Manor Advent Calendar, $50

A nail laquer for every day leading up to Xmas? Holiday nail perfection.

 3. For the Rock ‘n Rolla:

Urban DecayTen 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Set, $62

A bunch of colours for a smokey eye for any occasion.

 4. For the Aspiring Professional:

MAKE UP FOR EVERStudio Case, $68.50

Complete with professional style trunk, this kit screams I am heading to that photoshoot.

 5. For the Designer Diva:

Marc Jacobs BeautyKiss Pop Lacquer Collector’s Edition, $375

If your lady loves designer, this limited edition set will have her smacking herlips.

6. For the Jet-Set:

TarteGlow Beyond Best–Sellers Set & Travel Bag, $49

Heading down south? This is the perfect gift for the girl on-the-go.

 7. For the On-the-Beauty-Scene-Tween:

Hello KittyThe Red Bow Beauty Diaries, $25

It’s Hello Kitty’s 40th Anniversary! Your Tween doesn’t need to know that you still love it, too.

 7. For the Natural Beauty:

FreshDare To Bare Sugar Lip Ritual, $45

Natural doesn’t have to mean sans-beauty with this set from Fresh.

8. For the Anti-Aging Addict:

Perricone MDThe Science of Plasma Set, $98

Aside from insane value (this has a $192 value!), this will have your gal singing hallelujah.

9. For the Collector:

Dolce & Gabbana’s the One, Collector’s Edition, $127

The ultimate fragrance in a collector’s edition for ascent with fierce yet sparkling splendour.

10. For the Hot Mama:

Benefit Cosmetics3 Scoops O’ Sexy, $42

Just because she is busy chasing around rug-rats, doesn’t mean she shouldn’t feel like a totally hot tamale this December!

Happy beauty shopping!



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