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When it comes to beauty, I like to get my hands on the new stuff…the weird stuff…the stuff you aren’t sure about but just need to try. Searching for the fountain of youth/beauty is no easy task and it often requires a sense of adventure, and humour.

So, here are some new beauty ingredients that may make you raise an eyebrow, but may also get you one step closer to looking your best:

1. Charcoal: Super awesome for oily skin or acne. This ingredient is known to be purifying and get rid of bacteria. PS: This is gonna be a HUGE trend this year so stay tuned for lots of Charcoal-y products coming your way.

2. Clay: Okay, I am sure you have heard of using a product with clay in it (masks, cleansers) and the benefits of clay cannot be denied for the outside of the body….buuuuuuut ingesting clay has cropped up in the beauty world and while I may be up for an adventure, that is one beauty trend I am not gonna get behind.

3. Kale: Beyonce was on to something. Kale is a superfood, but now it is also a super beauty ingredient! Packed with all kinds of good-for-you vitamins and powered to fight free-radicals this veg is gonna boost your body on the inside and out.

4. Konjac: This latest addition to every beauty-junkies tool box is a must (and made from an asian root vegetable!). It is a sponge that is gentler on the skin, and still manages to exfoliate and leave you with a glowing complection.

Did I mention snake venom, snail slime, caviar, diamonds and gold?

The search for the fountain of youth and beauty is a wild ride, right?!



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