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Today on Virgin Radio- new post up to start the year off with a beautiful bang!

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Alright, it’s 2015! And, what better way to start the year than with beauty products that will help you come out the new year gate in the best possible way. These extra tools in your beauty arsenal will be the key to executing on those resolutions.

1. Give Your Hair a Boost:

Nothing says I am ready to take on what’s coming than a gorgeous head of hair. Want to boost shine and help mitigate that damage? Commit to finally doing that hair mask once a week and flip your hair with utter confidence.

2. Add Mist to Your Beauty Regime:

We all moisturize our faces, right? Right. So, add a quick small extra step for maximum results with a mist that will have you reaping the skin benefits in no time.

 3. Be Luminous Inside…AND out:

Try a luminator as a primer for your eyelids every time you go to put on eyeshadow. I promise this will change your eyeshadow application (longer lasting) and make those peepers pop for 2015.

4. Be Lazy With Miracle Oil:

Multi-purpose oil is all the rage and I have to say I having been using it religiously for the last month, and I am now a total convert. Talk about consolidating your cosmetic case! It’s a hair oil, a face oil and a body oil and every one of those parts will be thanking you.

 5. A Face Mask for Fabulous Skin:

We all buy face masks and then they sit at the back of the drawer in your bathroom until the next year. Make 2015 the year of the face mask, especially with these one-use masks that you can snap up at Sephora. You can make sure you are putting your best foot AND face forward in 2015.

Alright, are you ready for the new year!? Resolutions are a great way to start and a few beauty tricks up your sleeve are the best way to tackle 2015 beautifully.



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