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So, I am gonna break some news here: It’s winter. Yuck.

But what can bring a little pep into your step is metallics. Maybe it was all that time watching Frozen over the holidays (thanks Elsie and Nelly!) or maybe it is just mother nature’s way of adding glamour when light hits the ice….either way, a little sparkle a shine is the best way for me to feel a little less winter-blues-y and add some dazzle to my blahs!

So here are my top 4 ways to add some shine to your winter season:

1. Metallic Eyes:

Added rock ‘n roll is the perfect way to jazz yourself up even if you are in the midst of mega-hybernation. I am currently obsessed with Essence Metal Glam eyeshadows…click on my video to see why (and for your chance to win some fabulous Essence product!)!

 2. Metallic Hair:

Forget ombré, forget pastel….onto the next! And, for 2015 it is all about metallic hair. Think Jem and the Holograms only shinier.

3. Metallic Lips

I have been sporting gold and silver lipstick for ages and I have to say it is definitely a favourite, winter or summer, rain or shine. Particularly, I love that a metallic lip is perfect against pale skin…so it is definitely February-friendly.

4. Metallic Tatoos:

Temporary tattoos aren’t just for Disney fans anymore. These metallic temporary tatts are a fabulous way to add some body glitter in the most sophisticated and non-grade school way (and all that with noooooo commitment!).

Ready to get your bling on?

See, those icy conditions will take on a whole new meaning with these awesome metallics.



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