LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, Je Suis Charlie, Celebrating Fashion and Freedom of Speech


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In the wake of the horrible events that took place this week in Paris, I started thinking about how expressing controversy and poking at the bear of the political is the one of the most effective ways to effect change…and unfortunately and devastatingly, sometimes, violence.

I know I write about fashion and beauty, which for the most part seems frivolous and fun (which I am all for, by the way).

But part of this artistic world of fashion is used for pushing the political boundaries.

Whether it’s commenting on tolerance, patriotism, body image, environmental destruction, animal rights, violence, diversity, the patriarchal notions of the feminine form, or simply highlighting how protesting has become stylish, fashion is and should be a forum for freedom of expression.

I figured this week, we should celebrate that right, that duty and that statement with some of the great (and downright controversial) moments in fashion.



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