LKISEvents: Red Carpet Glamour (Part 1), 5 Hair Tricks I Learned w/Pantene


On Monday, I headed over to the Hazelton, Toronto, to learn all about Red Carpet beauty trends with Olay, Covergirl and Pantene. Well, not only was it awesome chats about the expert’s loves and not-so-loves on the Hollywood red carpets, it was also a session full of tips and tricks on how to look like you might be on your way to accept an award.

(PS: Head to tomorrow for Part 2!)

Watching Danilo (hairstylist to the stars) was definitely a highlight, and he had plenty to say on how to get gorgeous red carpet-worthy hair.

Tip 1: Use leave-in conditioner. Like, always.

Apparently it makes for an amazing base no matter what the desired hair outcome.

Tip 2:

For a glamorous look, start with tighter waves that will shake out throughout evening, and make your look last well into the after-party.

 Tip 3: 

Ombré is everywhere now, and not just reserved for the end of the hair.

Play with it…be an individual!

Tip 4:

Dry shampoo is amazing as a volumizer, not just as…well…a dry shampoo.

 Tip 5: 

Make sure you consider your look head-to-toe. It just all has to work together…take it from Danilo, he designed Elsa’s hair!

So, now you are hair-ready for the red carpet.

Time to work on that acceptance speech!



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