LKISEvents: On Virgin Radio, The Top 5 Trends Spotted OFF the Runway at World Mastercard Fashion Week, F/W 2015


Today on Virgin Radio Montreal it’s about what the trendsetters at World MasterCard Fashion Week were wearing to this fabulous event! Tune in at 12:30 on-air when I chat with Andrea Collins all about it and definitely Read it:


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Last week we chatted all about the fashions that worked the runway at World MasterCard Fashion Week. This week it’s time to chat about all the fashionable people who attended this fabulous event and what they were wearing!

Here are 5 of the awesome looks I spotted that the trend setters at World Mastercard Fashion Week were sporting in style.  

1.    Red coats

This glamorous outerwear was a HUGE trend and I must have spotted 15, on oneday alone! I love this trend for the Montreal spring season especially, because it adds a pop of colour, but also keeps you warm while we wait for mother nature to get withthe program.


2.    Crazy Coloured Hair

 Pink and red were a favourite with this fashion set. And, I am not talking pastels here, people. Vibrant hair was spotted all over. This may not be for the average gal, but maybe try your hand at temporary hair-colour for a non-committal version of this trend.


3.    Peaked caps (like fashion-y baseball hats)

This headwear was trending hard. It’s a mix of androgyny and general I-don’t-care-that-much-attitude (that is just soooooo fashionable)…and I am a fan of any trend that let’s you get away with a bad hair day!

4.    Pointed manicures

This completely impractical nail choice was certainly show-stopping. It is not for me (or anyone who likes regular use of their hands), but it is certainly a style statement.

5.    Florals

This look is perfect for spring, and fashionistas at World  Mastercard Fashion Week were doing it up floral even though the weather was not so great throughout the week. I love the mix of floral with other prints (even other florals!) for a modern take on this classic pattern.


So, there you have it, the fashion “off” the runway from the marathon that is fashion week! Are you going to give these trends a try? (I am gonna try number 3 and 5…number 4? Not so much!)



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