LKISObsession: Forget the iWatch, You Need a Ringly


When I say forget the iWatch, I don’t reaaaaaaaaaaalllllly mean it (hint hint family….my birthday is around the corner!). But I came across Ringly and poof! New obsession emerged.

So we have all heard of smart watches, bracelets, pendants…but there is definitely something lacking style-wise in a lot of these categories when it comes to fashion-tech.

Enter Ringly (this is there limited edition one btw):

Ringly is the vibrating ring.

Whoa. My accessories-hoarding mind just exploded (yours too, right?!).

This is where it gets to merit the phrase “fashion-tech.”

They are crafted with 18K gold (okay, now we are talking) and precious and semi-precious stones.

You download the app and connect your super-cool cocktail ring and then voila, you have four vibration patterns to choose from for your most important messages.

Bad news? People with teeny-tiny fingers like me are out of luck (they come in sizes 6-8) and if you wanted one yesterday you will have to cool your jets….new orders this summer.

It’s enough to make you green with envy.



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