LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, Five Spring Trends I Love to Hate (and Hate to Love)


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Every season there a bunch of new trends that make me go hmmmmm. These are the styles that intrigue me and drive me a little nuts, because on the one hand I am dying to try them and on the other, there is something so WRONG about them…all at the same time.

So, here are FIVE of my favourite trends right now that I Love to Hate (and hate to love):

1. Socks and Sandals

The Trend: Seriously. It’s a trend right now. Teva is even selling its sandals with socks in an effort to make this trend real.

Why I Kinda Hate it: Um, it’s ugly.

Why I Kinda Love it: It’s so ugly that it is kind of cool…right?!

2. Wide Leg Culottes

The Trend: The short pants look is all the rage.

Why I Kinda Hate it: This is so not flattering and it looks like you are getting ready for the flood.

Why I Kinda Love it: It is a new pant silhouette which definitely adds interest and it is totally playful.

3. Polo Shirts

The Trend: Those little Ts with a collar graced the runway in a major way.

Why I Kinda Hate it: It’s preppy overboard and can feel a little stuffy.

Why I Kinda Love it: It adds polish to any outfit and makes any girl look innocent.

4. One Shoulder Necklines

The Trend: Designers were very busy creating shoulder-bearing looks for this season.

Why I Kinda Hate it: I am not the hugest fan of asymmetry in clothing. Especially when it comes to flattering your form asymmetry is not the way to go.

Why I Kinda Love it: It’s sexy for any body type. Period.

5. Sporty

The Trend: Normcore, athletic influence, I-wear-my-running-shoes-with-a-dress-look.

Why I Kinda Hate it: You wear your running shoes with your dress?!

Why I Kinda Love it: You can wear your running shoes with your dress.



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