LKISObsession: Casadei Sneaker-Boots Blowing My Mind!


I bought a pair of boot-sneakers ages ago (and I mean ages) that I still wear today. They were super-expesnive for me at the time and they were this new brand called L.A.M.B….yes, Gwen Stefani‘s line had just emerged on the scene and these booties were my fave.

This is me wearing them a million years ago:

Well, enter the modernized version of my LAMB boots and I have to say (after hours scouring ebay over the years hoping and praying I might find another pair, in another or the same colour), I am now stalking these babies from Casadei.

Added bonus, the Casadei version have a built-in wedge…hello height for this vertically challenged gal.

And, they come in all kinds of colours, which makes stalking fun, deciding….not so easy.

And, check out these perforated ones.

This is the perfect summer boot.

Do buy them?!

For now, I will stick with stalking, but don’t count me out yet.



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