LKISBeauty: My Secret Abba Obsession is Out With Inglot + Mamma Mia


I was always obsessed with Abba. I would sit for hours and look at my parents old records and wonder how I could ever get to wear outfits like those…Well, enter Mamma Mia and it was like my world exploded. It took my beloved Abba tunes, added in a great story, and topped it off with hair, makeup and wardrobe that could fire up my imagination all over again.

Sooooooo, when I heard that Inglot was inviting a bunch of us to check out the cast of Mamma Mia because this cosmetic brand, known for its vibrancy and selection, is collaborating with this epic show…I was in, in, in.

The name of the game with Inglot is colour and there is no shortage of that in this capsule collection.

I also loved their shimmer powder which was so fine and beautiful, perfect on or off the stage.

The lipsticks were amazing, including a trio of perfect pinks and a bold blue that was made for the street style junky.

Crazy eyelashes screamed Mamma Mia and the blue nail polishes were bang on given the trends this season.

The highlight for me was the almost luminescent lip gloss that every girl needs to feel like her life is lit up like the lights on Broadway!

I came fresh faced and had my makeup done by one of their amazing makeup artists.

Want to see more and watch what some of the cast of Mamma Mia thinks of this collection? Click the video below:

INGLOT MM from Tom Sokalski on Vimeo.

There is a huge possibility I am humming Dancing Queen as I write this post….



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