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I would not call myself, well, hippy dippy yoga girl. But I dig comfy clothes that are fashionable and it seems that Lole is moving us all in that direction.

I was invited to the Lole White Tour. This yearly shin dig is a huge yoga experience that happens in a ton of major cities…and, on August 8th from 8am-2pm, it’s gonna come to the fine streets of MTL, at Jacques Cartier Quay. For 40$, you will be warrior posing complete with DJ and live music from Milk and Bone, a free yoga mat and gift bag, a healthy lunch provided by Oikos from Danone, alongside a sea of bendy people in white.

So that got me to thinking…what can you do to align your inner shakras without comprising your personal style? I headed to Lole to get my answer.

 1. Try something Sheer:

How much do I love that yoga can be kinda sexy?! These Yogita leggings are beyond awesome (and the black ones were sold out because, I mean, I would wear these out, wouldn’t you?!).

 2. Mesh it up:

A little bit of mesh takes your yoga gear from incense-only to totally sporty-spice in no time.

 3. Get warmed up:

A down-filled trapeze shaped jacket? Um, yes paleez. Perfect for hightailing it out of the yoga studio and onto the town.

4. Get a Yoga bag that will have you namastaying all over the place:

The Lole yoga bags are stellar. Period. I even got one. It has a slot in the front for your yoga mat, a slot inside for your phone and laptop and a leash for your keys. Plus they are water resistant and range in price from 140-200$.

 5. Accessories Rule:

Nothing says stylish yogi like accents that tell the world who you are and that you are one fashionably zen being. Lole has a bunch of accessories from different brands (including TOMS) and I loved the beads, bags and bad-ass sunglasses I spotted.

So, will I downward dog all day? Probably not.

But yoga is sounding mighty fun if it means a whole new wardrobe that works in everyday life and at ashtanga.



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