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I am coming to an end of an incredible trip and honestly, it makes me think. Sure about life, love, adventure, but if you are me…it also makes you think about the style choices you made when you originally packed your bag (deep, people, I know). There are all kinds of packing tips that are super-helpful especially headed on a hot vacation. But nothing takes up room like your shoes, so you need to be smart about what footwear makes the cut.

Here are my top 5 tips on how to pack your shoes and look stylish all vacation-long:

1. The ratio:

The first thing to evaluate is how long you are going for. I say that for a 1-4 day trip you need two or three pair of shoes (two casual, one for getting a bit more dressed up). If you are going any longer: double that number…with a caveat that you can always leave one pair of fancier shoes behind, if, and only if, you find the only pair are comfy enough (and besides, you can always buy a second pair, right?!).

2. The colours

My safest bets are metallics and/or white/nude on summer vacation. All three of these choices go with EVERYTHING. Trust me.

3. The comfort

Find shoes that are comfortable. This is key especially if you have never been to the location you are visiting. After my 60th stair in Santorini, I was pretty thrilled to have flats that were fancy enough that I could wear them out to dinner. Check out this video with me and our very own Lee Haberkorn shoe shopping at a store from this great new comfort/fashion line, AS98:

4. Normcore is your friend (but be honest)

Running shoes are totally on trend right now. You can sport them with pretty much anything, even a dress and keep your tootsies super-happy. But if you aren’t the working out type, don’t bother stuffing these ginormous shoes into your bag just to have them take up room.

5. No new shoes:

If you must buy a new pair of shoes for your vacation (because that really is fun to do) make sure you work them in pre-vacay, in a major way. The last thing you want to do is be stuck sitting while everyone is dancing or complaining to your boyfriend that your feet are killing. Here is a pick of some of the shoes I brought and they are all seriously pre-loved:

So, you are ready to pack your footwear for that awesome summer getaway. As I pack to go home, I can see I made some mistakes, but that just made for a great reason to say: But, Honey, I neeeeeeeeeeeed those.



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