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Today on Virgin Radio Montreal,​ I chat about the stylish finds I am spotting while travelling in Santorini, Greece!

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I am on my honeymoon…and I know, I know, it’s all about romance and sunsets….but would I be me if I didn’t scope out all the trends and styles I am spotting on my travels?! Um…NO!!!

So, we have been hanging on the magnificent island of Santorini. And while, the guide books won’t tell you that this is a fashion capital or anything, I am here to tell you this majestic spot is chalk full of shopping finds and stylish looks. Here are some of the cool things I checked out since I have been here (and may end up purchasing…cuz seriously, we know who I am).

1. Flowy linens

Unisex options abound of linens made into caftans, dresses and full-out outfits. I actually chatted with a Greek designer, Balkam Bloose, (pictured on the left) who was sporting his own designs. There is just something super organic about the whole vibe.

2. Chunky metallic pieces

Jewellery is everywhere on this island and I love all the intense, geometric, statement accessories that accent the airy aesthetic of Santorini in the most perfectly balanced way.

Another Greek designer was sporting her own designs made of malleable silver and bone.

3. Beautiful Bling

Speaking of jewellery, the real stuff ain’t half bad here either. Tiny charming streets are lined with windows overflowing with gems and metals…and lots of gold.

4. Greek key design

You would think that this would be a bit touristy or gimmicky, but I am totally falling for the traditional Greek print that adorns clothes, jewellery and accessories here. It evokes a feeling of history and style all at the same time.

 5. Protection against the evil eye

So, historically to guard against the evil eye, some mediterranean cultures used talismans, and in Greece it’s known as the “eye.” Well, step right up and get your own protection for a couple of euros. There are all kinds of fun bracelets and amulets you can get your hands on. I think these colourful and mystical pieces are a delightful addition to any arm party (and one can always use a little extra protection!).

Wanna see my finds as they happen? Check out my instagram for all up-to-the-minute snaps of my trip:

Travel is one the most interesting ways to absorb fashion and style and Santorini is no different. Now, the only issue is fitting all that great stuff in my suitcase on the way home!



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