LKISStyle: Shopping in Lake Como’s Bellagio, Italy (Because That’s What I do!)


Today on Virgin Radio Montreal, I chat about my shopping

 experience in Lake Como! Read it there:

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Welcome to Lake Como.

And, yes, while others enjoy the pristine views and the hopes of catching a glimpse of George and Amal on the water…well…I shop.

Now, this doesn’t mean that I actually purchase. I just love exploring the retail experience in the new places that I visit, and Bellagio, Italy, was no different.

Here are some of the stylish delights I spotted:

1. Bags (and a million other things) by Pierangelo Masciadri:

These artistic and most definitely euro-inspired prints were available in abundance in Bellagio. While I am not really the print queen myself, I thought these oversized change-purse-style bags were fabulous (and kind of made me want to go to the opera!).

 2. Saraceno:

Another store that had multiple locations in Bellagio (which is not a big city, btw) was Saraceno. Luxurious pieces that still had a bohemian style were the vibe in these awesome boutiques.

 3. The bag I almost bought…but then I looked at the price tag:

Spotted at the store Loft 46 (which was what I like to call the-everything-I-need-to-go-to-Ibiza-store) was an eccentric bag that had my name on it. But, alas, this Gado Gado satchel also had a hefty price on it, so it stayed in its fabulous retail home instead of actually coming home with me.

 4. Moda Shop:

True to its name, this fine fashion establishment had tons of fun colours mixed in with Italian elegance. I am telling you, people, this is one stylish town.

 5. Missoni

Nothing says I am hanging in Milanese vacationland like Missoni. Period.

Bellagio on Lake Como was beautiful and yes, of course, I loved the views. But we are talking about the shopping, right?!



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