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I headed to Winks Eyelash Boutique in Yorkville, Toronto, to finally give eyelash extensions a go. How was it? Well, watch this video for my experience there and then read on for the 5 things I learned about eyelash extensions:

1. The procedure takes a while: 

It does take a long time. I didn’t really notice because I was chatting away with my lash expert at Winks. In fact, I didn’t believe her when she said I had been sitting there for an hour and 45 minutes!

2….But it lasts a while, too!

6 weeks, people! With maybe a touch up at week three to fill in any lashes that have fallen out.

3. It does require some care: 

Honestly, I barely notice. A little brushing after I wake up or dry off from a shower, some cleaning (which you have to clean your face anyway!), and an application of sealant every few days…it all feels like nothing in comparison to the joy of my bright-eyed and bushy-tailed lashes.

4. It’s expensive BUT so is other stuff:

There is not doubt that this is not for the girl on a tight budget. Ranging at different establishments from 130$ to 375$, this is an investment. But when I got to thinking about this, I started to do the math:

I mean you need one application and then you go back every three weeks for touch-ups (which can cost 40$-60$). Which totals to about $1200 for the year. I know mascara and makeup remover cost way less (closer to $200 for the year), but contemplate the wrinkles and skin treatment you are saving on! Applying makeup takes time and removing makeup definitely takes its toll on your eyes and skin…

5. I feel good at moments in which I never normally feel that great:

Getting out of the shower? Jumping in the pool? Waking up first thing in the morning? These are not normally my finest hours…but with eyelash extensions you kind of always look “done.” And, for that, I am hooked.



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