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Okay, so we aren’t ready for winter exactly, but Fall means new looks to try without committing to cold weather yet….and that suits me just fine.

So, here 5 beauty trends you should try this September and enjoy a change of seasons without the change in weather…yet.

1. Crimson Lips:

This trend comes and goes but I will tell you what it definitely works with are all the dark and sassy colours that are so hot for fashion this fall.

(photos courtesy Paul Ross, Opique Photography)

2. Wackadoodle Eyeliner:
Need to know what you can’t miss out on this season? It’s eyeliner and honestly, get creative, because if the runways are any indication, everything goes.

(photos courtesy Paul Ross, Opique Photography)

3. Bronze Metal:
Bronze eyes are sexy and soft all at the same time. Talk about the perfect combination when ’tis the season to start covering up the rest of ya.

(photos courtesy Paul Ross, Opique Photography)

4. Rosy glow:
This look was seen at the Festival Mode & Design (you can see more of my coverage from the festival here:  It was all about that healthy glow from Covergirl and even if you are gearing up to hibernate, why not look like you are enjoying the great outdoors?

5. Line the Bottom:
Also from Covergirl at the Festival Mode & Design, I think this is THE look to try right now. Modern, fresh and quite frankly, exciting! This trend is actually new and that is what makes it my pick for Fall.

Not ready to bust out the faux fur and flannel? Try inching into the new season with these beauty trends.



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