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This one goes out to my Virgin Radio partner-in-fashion-crime and hat lover, Andrea Collins!

It’s getting to be that time…time to give in to Fall (it is October after all). Well, one of my favourite ways to celebrate the change in season (okay, maybe it’s more like trying not to cry into my hot chocolate that the temperature is a far cry from summer), is to get my hands on some fabulous Fall accessories and one of the best places to start is right on your head!

Here are my top 4 picks for the perfect head-topper this season:

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1. Le Pom Pom:

The pom pom hat is the perfect combo of playful and cute and extremely warm and cozy. Wear it with your hair down and a dash of blush on your face for that I-just-love-the-outdoors (even if you don’t) look.

2. Bling on the Brain:

I love the idea of a hat being a glamorous accessory and adding a touch of bling to your favourite headwear definitely brings it up a notch.

3. Sophisticated Skull:

Skull caps are practical: Easy to store in your bag after you arrive at your destination and easy to throw on when it’s super chilly outside. But why not grab a skull cap with some chic feminine details so that this accessory says fashion and not just function.

4. Wide Brim Noggin:

The wide brim hat has been a favourite for Fall fashionistas for years now. But I am urging you to go on the stiffer and more structured side, instead of the floppy brim (which is just too summer festival for the crisp, elegant Fall).

So, we officially have you covered…on your head, that is.



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