LKISBeauty: My Kerastase FusioDose Treatment


Did you hear?!

Tailor-made is the new luxury. Well, at least that is definitely the truth when it comes to the in-salon Fusio-Dose treatment by Kerastase.

I headed to the Brennan Demelo Studio in downtown Toronto to experience this treatment first hand…so here’s the deal:

This treatment has a new range of 4 concentrates and 5 boosters that can personalize 20 Fusio-Dose combinations.


Concentré Pixelist – Intensification of radiance

Concentré Oléo-Fusion – Instant nutrition and softness

Concentré Vita-Ciment – In-depth Reconstruction

Concentré Densifique – Immediate Densification


Booster Brillance – 5 times more radiance

Booster Densité – The fiber is intensely texturized

Booster Reconstruction – 50 % less breakages during brushing

Booster Nutrition –3 times more nutrition

Booster Discipline – 72-hour anti-frizz, 72-hour smoothness and anti-humidity

I headed to the sink to have my hair washed (oh, and a head massage to-die-for, btw).

Then we picked strength (in-depth reconstruction and nutrition) for me. I have pretty bleached out hair, and dryness and breakage is always my problem, so that is what we decided to address.

The process of mixing together the personal treatment was extra science-y and cool and then it was time to apply it to my hair and let the magic happen.

 Then a blow out to demonstrate the actual work the product was doing and the picture doesn’t do the post-silkiness I was feeling any justice.

I was super-impressed by the results and, honestly, at how quick and easy it was to actually see and feel those results…I was feeling the strength!

Tailor-made hair as the new luxury definitely sounds (and feels) good to me.



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